Several daily tips for protecting blood vessels

Several daily tips for protecting blood vessels

No matter what age group of people, they must know how to take good care of their bodies. Others don’t know that they have problems with their appearance.

People often say that “the young in the blood vessels is not old”, but when people are over thirty, it is difficult to have time, energy, and maintain their blood vessels.

This, the experts teach you some daily care.

  1, health measures-two pieces of dark chocolate per week Dark chocolate contains natural antioxidant flavonoids, which can prevent blood vessels from hardening, increase myocardial vitality, relax muscles, prevent accumulation in blood vessels, and have certain effects on cardiovascular diseases.
  2, health measures-drinking green tea tasting usually does not prevent drinking green tea, because the catechol in it can reduce the content of bad cholesterol in the blood, increase the content of good cholesterol, enhance blood vessel flexibility, elasticity, and prevent blood vessel sclerosis.

Or drink half a cup (about 100?
150 ml) red wine, which has anti-oxidant effect. Drinking it four or five times a week can soften blood vessels well.

  3, health measures-eat blood vessels “Scavenger” Hawthorn, oats, black fungus, kumquat, eggplant, sweet potatoes, garlic, onion these eight foods can clear the blood vessels and maintain the elasticity of the blood vessel wall.

Vinegar can also soften blood vessels and lower blood lipids.

Eat less dry rice every night, boil porridge with millet and yellow rice, and add a few wolfberries and jujube to protect blood vessels.

  4, health measures-alternating hot and cold water spray Ma Yinchu lived to the age of 100, it is related to his daily “vascular gymnastics”.

Alternate spray with hot and cold water every night before bedtime, the hot water temperature is 40 ℃?
44 ℃, cold water temperature is 12 ℃?
16 ° C.

When doing “exercise”, first cool and then warm, alternate 5?
10 times, each time lasting 2?
3 minutes and ended with a hot bath.

This kind of vascular gymnastics can promote blood circulation and “wash away” garbage in the blood vessels in time.

In addition, striding fast is also a good cardio-cerebral vascular exercise, which can enhance muscle endurance and enhance vascular elasticity.

  5, health measures-exercise for half an hour before meals. Foreign studies show that exercising for half an hour every day, such as walking, cycling, swimming, playing gateball, table tennis, jogging, swimming, climbing or climbing, can reduce weight and fat.Effect, improve the degree of “rejuvenation” of blood vessels.

If you exercise moderately before meals, the effect of protecting blood vessels is better.

Anti-aging home cooking, DIY

Anti-aging home cooking, DIY

Festive cuisine always seduces our stomachs, but women are beautiful and need to be taken care of from a young age, and what really drives us to aging is the free radicals generated in the body’s metabolism.

When the body is unable to maintain the balance of the free radical system, our skin loses its elasticity, radiance and wrinkles, making us aging.

Therefore, we recommend the following dishes with anti-aging effects. They are the most common home-cooked dishes in the vegetable market.More time is full of energy.

  Broccoli: Anti-aging foods that women must eat One, anti-aging foods: Broccoli Recommended reason: Broccoli replaces antioxidant vitamin C and carotene, and cruciferous vegetables have been proven by scientists to be the best anti-aging and anti-agingCancer food, and fish is the best source of protein.

    Delicious dishes: broccoli bean cod raw materials: cod 1 slice, broccoli, ginger, garlic seasoning: tempeh, salt, monosodium glutamate, cooking wine, sugar, pepper, salad oil Practice: 1, cod marinate with an appropriate amount of salt and cooking wine, And then steamed in the basket for 8-10 minutes and removed for use.

    2. Put oil in the pan, add the scallion, ginger and mashed tempeh, stir-fry, season with salt, monosodium glutamate, and pepper. After the tempeh is fried, pour on the processed cod.

    3, broccoli is cooked with salt water, coded around the cod.

  Second, anti-aging food: onion Recommended reason: onion can clear blood, reduce cholesterol, anti-aging, and seafood can provide a lot of protein, and zinc.

  Delicious dishes: onion seafood soup Ingredients: onion, fresh squid, fresh shrimp, crab willow, straw mushroom, egg 3 seasonings: salt, monosodium glutamate, pepper, cooking wine, clear soup Practice: 1, beat the eggs, add salt, monosodium glutamate, Pepper, clear soup, mix well, steam in the drawer and remove for use.

  2. Separate chopped onion, straw mushroom pieces, and seafood. Cook them and place them on steamed eggs.

    3. Put clear soup in the pot, season with salt, monosodium glutamate, pepper, cooking wine, boil and pour on seafood and custard to serve.

  Third, anti-aging food: Tofu Recommended reason: In addition to fish and shrimp, tofu is also a very good source of protein.

At the same time, legumes contain a chemical called isoflavones, which reduces the free space for estrogen activity in free radicals.

If you are concerned about cancer, you can often eat legumes.

    Delicious dishes: golden tofu Ingredients: tofu, salted egg yolk, chives Seasoning: salt, monosodium glutamate, pepper, salad oil

    2. Put oil in the pan, add salted egg yolk and stir-fry. Add salt, monosodium glutamate, pepper and stir-fry for 1 minute.

Pour the fried egg yolks onto the processed tofu and sprinkle with green onions.

Emotional education for children is urgent


Emotional education for children is urgent

Cultivate healthy emotions and achieve a perfect life. Modern people always feel that they are living in an era of “crisis”, including “economic crisis, environmental crisis, ecological crisis” and so on.

The most fundamental of all “crisis” is the emotional crisis. In other words, it is the emotional crisis that leads to the crisis of civilization, the crisis of culture, the crisis of ecology, and so on.

  Professor Dai Maotang, Dean of the School of Philosophy, Hubei University, said that the crisis of emotions is manifested in two different ways in an era like this today. One is that there are many times when there is no interest.

Indifference and no enthusiasm for life; there is another way of expression that is just the opposite, that is only fun, which is expressed as an animal, a vent, or a heartbeat that is all playing, which is excess funwhich performed.

He said: “No emotion is a way of expressing emotional crisis, only love is also a way of expressing emotional crisis.

“Therefore, he feels that emotional crisis is a relatively heavy topic.

  Professor Chang Chang of the Hubei Provincial Education Examinations Institute said that society lacks emotions, and we cannot say that our society has no emotions.

We still have emotions, but there are many possible emotions, sometimes a greedy mentality, an angry mentality, and some negative examples, suicidal problems.

  Chen Zhengxiang, deputy secretary of the Hubei Provincial Party Committee of the Communist Youth League, believes that the problem of youth education that has replaced us has not been serious. For a long time, we have always focused on knowledge education rather than focusing more on people.

Knowledge-oriented education, lack of emotional education, is a weak point in contemporary youth education. It is an important practical problem, which has caused some problems in modern teenagers such as personality defects, adaptation biases, and inferiority of personality. Such a problem allows us to overcome it, butIt exists realistically and objectively.

  Emotional education is the need of a harmonious society. The most important feature of modern civilization is that it is based on reason, but it is easy to ignore irrational things such as personality and emotion.

From these perspectives, emotion and emotional education are very important, and a harmonious society calls for true love and friendship.

  Yao Zhongkai, deputy secretary general of the Hubei Provincial Party Committee of the Communist Party of China, believes that emotional education can replace the lack of the previous system.

Great achievements have been made in the education reform of our country, but one of the shortcomings is that the seriousness of “emphasis on intelligence and morals” still exists. Moral education includes emotional education, which is more or less inadequate. This is a system issue because the college entrance examination batonThe role begins in kindergarten.

The design of the system should include moral education as well as emotional education, because the perfection of human nature, including both knowledge, morality, and emotion, is an interconnected system.

Therefore, the relationship between the lack of awareness education and system design, the lack and regret caused by the baton of the college entrance examination should be replaced by emotional education.

  Emotional education is the need for human development. Authorities have analyzed the causes of emotional problems from a more macro perspective. They believe that both Chinese and Western cultures have an oversight in the history of their philosophical development.In the end, all of them went to a breakthrough in cultural development.

  Hubei Provincial People’s Political Consultative Conference Vice Chairman Hu Yongji said that many students have high IQ but low EQ; there are also many students who take the first place in the overall exam but cannot work; many students answer the book questions very well, that is, they are helpless and capable of handling actual problemsVery poor.

This is a phenomenon that has arisen during the period of social transformation plus the exploration of our education system.

  Xu Jinshan, secretary of the party committee of the Hubei Provincial Education Examinations Institute, said that in modern society, economy is strength, culture is charm, and emotion is motivation.

Motivation stimulates vitality, promotes charm, and creates strength.

A perfect life comes from a healthy life. Ultimately, a healthy life is moral and civilized. Moral and civilized need to be emotionally maintained.

  Zeng Yulan, vice chairman of the Hubei Provincial Women’s Federation, said that promoting a “people-oriented” scientific development concept is ultimately to promote the all-round development of people.

The all-round development of man is a kind of cultural knowledge and a kind of development of ability. A man of all-round development should include emotion and morality.

  Emotional education is that when the builders impart knowledge to the students, they also need to teach the students how to learn, how to act as people, and how to control their emotions.

Educational psychology believes that in the context of education, interactive emotional relationships are the key to students ‘ultimate academic success and teachers’ ultimate success in teaching.

  Fei Xinan, the principal and special teacher of Huangshi No. 2 Middle School in Hubei, believes that the nation’s new curriculum reform has made the stage of emotional education large.

The idea of the new curriculum reform is to emphasize the development of students.

The new curriculum has three aspects in its goal system: one is ability, knowledge, the other is process and method, and the third is emotion and attitude. Emotion has been invested in the three goal systems.

At the same time, the practice of the students of the new curriculum experts focused on the students’ perceptions, which arranged a good combination of emotional education and the new curriculum.

  Luo Jinyuan, president and editor-in-chief of Hubei Admissions Magazine, said that emotional education should play at least three aspects. First, the core advice in traditional culture, filial piety, elegance, and sincerity will become the essence of our education.

Second, readers can get back the true feelings they have lost through the proper media.

Third, we must live a good life. First of all, we must have a healthy life. A healthy life must have a moral code. We use morality to move, and civilization through elegance.

The elderly must prevent itchy skin from entering the winter.

The elderly must prevent itchy skin from entering the winter.

A few elderly people, when they go to bed in the winter night, the skin on their body will itch. The more itchy, the more itchy and the more itchy, until it is scratched, it can be slightly itchy.

This is winter itch, a skin disease that is closely related to changes in seasons, weather, cold, and temperature.

  This disease is more common in older people over the age of 60.

Because the elderly generally have skin atrophy, thinning, less sweat, and lack of sebum lubrication, and are susceptible to the stimulation of the surrounding environment, causing itching.

The typical symptoms are itching of the thighs, which gradually spread to the calves and even the whole body.

At this time, before going to bed, when the underwear is taken off, the warm body is stimulated by the cool air in the room, and it immediately causes itching.

  The incidence of pruritus in the elderly in winter is also related to some lifestyle habits.

Some old people love to bathe with hot hot water, and the bathing time is too much repetition, plus the use of alkaline soap or medicated soap, so that the already dull skin promotes the moisturizing of sebum.

Therefore, the number of bathing for the elderly in winter should not be too much, generally on average once a week; the water temperature should not be too high, should be kept at around 50 °C; do not use alkaline soap or medicated soap, should choose neutral skin care bath soap.

  Many elderly people in the diet, in the winter is still insisting on vegetarianism, fear of eating high-fat food.

In fact, this is not good for health.

姨 can produce energy to help people resist the cold and moisturize the skin.

Therefore, moderate intake of high-concentration foods can prevent the occurrence of pruritus in the elderly.

Moreover, micro-foods are beneficial for the replacement of vitamin A and vitamin E, which have the effect of dry and aging skin.

  Some old people especially like to drink in the winter, intended to keep out the cold.

However, body heat after drinking is only temporary, and more will dry the skin.

Of course, other spicy foods are also the same, especially the hot pot, which makes people easy to get angry and is very unfavorable for skin care.

One more thing, the elderly in winter should drink plenty of water, and drink two liters of water a day to replenish moisture and moisturize the skin.

  As long as you pay attention to the above points, you can prevent winter pruritus in the elderly.

In terms of treatment, it is generally symptomatic.

Itching is very good, you can take some sedatives.

You can also prepare a topical medicine yourself, take 28 ml of glycerin, 14 ml of 75% alcohol, and add water to 100 ml Serve.

It can be rubbed at any time and is especially suitable for dry skin.

Traditional Chinese medicine, oral administration of blood-supplementing drugs, external use of traditional Chinese medicine decoction, commonly used formula: Kochia scoparia, Xanthium, Cnidium, Sophora flavescens 50 grams, into the gauze bag, after boiling, add appropriate amount of water to reach the appropriate temperatureWash the skin with itching, every 20-30 minutes, once a day or once every other day.

Don’t force your man with love

Don’t force your man with love

The more she wanted it, the more he fled the 28-year-old Hong and her boyfriend for 8 years. It was Hong who worked two more jobs outside of work before her boyfriend finished her doctorate.

  With a high education background, her boyfriend has developed smoothly in the workplace, and now she is promoted to vice president of the company.

Although the pressure is great, he is full of ambition and is completely absorbed in his success.

  When the two men’s long-distance love run was about to end, and Hong was about to marry immediately, she began to hesitate to marry this increasingly strange pillow.

From the end of last year, Hong found his obvious changes: he came back late, talked less and less, traveled more and more, and became depressed.

At first, Hong believed that this was due to the pressure of his work, and tried his best to make him happy, but his boyfriend was always indifferent.

  The more absent-minded her boyfriend was, the more uneasy Hong became.

Hong’s only way to get rid of his uncle is to talk to him and ask him why . but the more Hong talks, the more problems they have. The boyfriend always thinks that Hong is doing nothing and is not sympathetic to his hard work.

He asked Hong: “We have a car and a house, and I haven’t changed my mind. Isn’t everything all right?

I can’t coax you every day like when I first fell in love!

As a result of earnest talk and confrontation, her boyfriend spent less and less time at home, became more and more silent after returning home, and became more and more scarce in sex . He was no longer the thoughtful man who got up in the middle of the night as an iris tea.
Now, in the face of Hong’s sadness, he has remained indifferent.

Even when Hong was sick on the bed, he was too lazy to ask warmth, and sat indifferently in the living room watching TV.

What makes Hong even more unbearable is that he knows that his actions reset her and collapse. He just doesn’t explain, doesn’t show, and has no regrets.

  Hong, who had performed a one-man show, finally couldn’t bear the lonely love, and proposed to break up.

He exclaimed innocently: “Why?

Whose life is not so plain?

“His attitude made people feel that in this love, the one who was hurt seemed to be him, not his wife Hong.

  Psychoanalyzing women’s initiative and men’s feelings of feelings of love is a woman’s mission for life, so they actively communicate with men for “feeling of love”.

However, men often take the alternative or evasive attitude towards women’s active communication. It seems that women are doing nothing.

  Do men not feel the love of women at all?

Of course not. Men actually know the pain of women being ignored or unrecognized, but they have the desire to frustrate women in their subconscious mind. Frustrating women can sometimes increase their confidence or balance them.

  Some scholars have pointed out that this feeling of men is that men have the desire, phenomenon and motivation to frustrate women.

Sometimes men project their dissatisfaction in the workplace and life into the family because they know that women care about their feelings.

“Making bad” makes their “destroy” satisfied.

And women’s indifference, neglect and frustration against men often arouse their double punishment-they are more indifferent.

  Some men have limited ability to reflect on this behavior.

They usually lack self-confidence, dissatisfaction with life, and lack of the ability to love, and they need comprehensive adjustments in personality and mental state.

  In fact, in the heart of an immature man who doesn’t love life, has no confidence, he can only remember his own success or failure, instead of taking the initiative to care about women’s feelings.

It is precisely because of this indestructible knot, that they will be aggrieved because of the dissatisfaction of women, and feel that they are innocent and helpless.

  Once deeply embedded in the relationship between men and women, men are afraid of being “grabbed” by women, and women’s perseverance in “caring” for themselves is sometimes interfered and controlled by them.

However, women are afraid that men “don’t grasp” themselves. Women’s biggest worry is that men ignore and do not pay attention. They know that this is the manifestation of men who don’t know and don’t know.

  This is the natural difference between men and women: men need more freedom, they are more independent, and they need more physical and psychological space; women do the opposite.

Compared to men, their lives are narrower and more psychologically dependent.

New Workplace Proposition: Skillful and Popular

New Workplace Proposition: Skillful and Popular

Times have changed, the old ox in the office is not popular anymore!

Hard work is not the same as burying yourself in the head and exhausting the exhausting methods.

Modern offices pay attention to efficiency, and the results must be finally in the process.

So we might as well use our brains so that we do n’t get tired or let our peers get tired. Smart Work is the appointment we advocate-both clever and popular!

  Rule of cleverness: think twice. Sometimes we always plunge into the heap of affairs in order to show our positive efforts. In fact, we have made a fatal mistake, that is, we have started to do it before we think about it.

The best way to improve efficiency and performance is to think first, and think about it before you understand it.

The process of thinking is actually part of execution. The value of thinking is far more important than simple execution, because thinking is a manifestation of wisdom.

For the company’s leadership, one more head is more burdensome than one more hand or leg, which is also a bargaining chip for future promotion.

  Rule of skill 2: Do not motivate the crowd to think that the office is also a place to “bicycle the world”. Now blindly doing alone can only be ignored by the performance of emotional intelligence, because the role of the team is obviously more important and great than ever.

Not to mention that bosses will never crown performance and credit on one person, because they also need to take care of the overall situation and balance the environment.

Therefore, if we want to work cleverly, we must give play to the power of the people around us, mobilize the enthusiasm of everyone, and let the collective energy work.

Don’t think that this will neglect your own value. On the contrary, your leadership and ability to dance long sleeves has been inadvertently developed.

  Rule three of skillfulness: We give full play to our strengths. We advocate working while studying and studying at work, but this does not mean that we have to take risks to do what we are not good at.

The most efficient way of doing things is to show your strengths to the bright. This is also a way to save effort.

Especially at many critical moments, it is easiest to break through the difficulties with your own strengths, otherwise it is even more worthwhile and will drag down the team and affect the image.

Personal strengths are definitely their core values. If you want to enhance your weaknesses, don’t practice it in front of everyone. You have the opportunity to make up the gap yourself.

  Rule four of skillful practice: Qineng Buzhu admits that he is not an all-round master, which psychologically causes himself a leeway.

First, we will respect the strong and capable more. Second, we will persuade ourselves to repeat such awkward shortcomings in another form.

Even the simple delivery of water and tea is also reflected in the spirit of service and teamwork. Don’t forget to take advantage of these opportunities to show your diligent side, so that your own disadvantage is not important.

The most stupid and taboo is that above their own ability, they have to penetrate blindly, and even short-selling is also suspicious.

When there is a gap in that professional skill, please remember to repeat it with your diligence.

  Rule of clever work: The best time clever work can reduce the consumption of time and consumption. Therefore, in the part of the implementation of clever work, it is inevitable to mention an important factor is to choose the best time.

Doing the right thing at the right time It is an old saying in China that it is actually very applicable to today’s office life.

Some people know how to be smart but do n’t know how to show their skill at the right time. This is a waste of effective resources. So remember that there is a reference for smart work. When others are acting hard, when things collideOnly when you are clever can you help.

Yoga exercises to calm children

Yoga exercises to calm children

Children’s yoga can help increase body elasticity and improve personal posture, which is a healthy exercise for children.

Because children’s yoga moves are more interesting and specially designed to meet their physical development needs.

But if the child is not interested in yoga, parents should never force it.

  Because of early competition pressure, young children have a humpback and stiffness.

Children’s yoga can recover the most natural state of the body, away from stress, disease, and increase immunity. If you have children at home, you may follow the demonstration below to release stress!

  Yoga teacher Jiang Yihui said that yoga is very popular. Many beauty-loving girls practice yoga in order to reduce weight and build their bodies. In fact, children start to practice great help.

Posture adjustment: If the child is sitting or standing poorly, his yoga practice will be improved.

Improve immunity: Yoga practice for children can enhance the health of the respiratory system, help detoxification, increase the body’s metabolism, and increase the elderly’s resistance.

Improve concentration and increase patience: Yoga improves smooth thinking, improves children’s concentration and patience, and strengthens memory and learning ability.

It should be noted that warm-up yoga can be done beforehand. The front, waist and feet can avoid injury to the bones during the exercise. Jiang Yihui suggested that children’s yoga practice can be seen at least one hour at a time.

Experts say that children’s yoga does not stretch and does not perform difficult movements, so there is no need to worry about children’s low growth due to stretch.

Moderate muscle and hamstring fractures help children grow up healthily.

Children’s Yoga Demonstration Fish body first lay flat, support your body with your elbows, your shoulders straight up, and your head on the ground, then stretch your two hands straight up and put your backs on the ground, with your feet pulled up slightly and your head upThe top action can straighten the airway and massage the airway.

The top of the Yamagata breathing exercise is to sit on the heel first, straighten the back and place the palms behind the head, tilt the head back, and then move forward. This posture can adjust the thoracic spine, soften the head, complications, and move to the upper limbs.

The swan-style hands are holding on to the ground, and they need to be upright next to each other. Pull your feet up and lean forward. Your head can be tilted back slightly. This position can be used to stretch the abdominal muscles and spine to eliminate the fat on the child’s belly.However, pull your feet up and lean forward, depending on your ability, and lift it wherever you can. Don’t force it.

The archery back is straightened first, with the feet flattened and straightened, and the same side is pulling the foot on the same side, one foot is straightened and the other foot is pulled back. This position can train the muscles of the thigh and calf.

The wheeled body lays down first, hands flat on the ground, lifted forward, and then supports the upper body with hands and the strength of the upper and lower back, adults can help at this time, pull the upper hips to raise the waist, this posture can be practicedTo the spine and respiratory tract, and a headstand can stimulate brain development.

Fine-grained staple food, easy to lose weight

Fine-grained staple food, easy to lose weight

The problem of losing weight is that it needs to be “satisfied”. In order not to affect physical health, we cannot make weight loss because of the trace amount of food. We must count calories from the staple food.

Here are a summary of the 8 staple foods, allowing you to easily choose the right weight loss food.

  Rice is the first of the grain, and rice is something that many people must eat every day.

The main component of rice is glucose. The composition of amino acids in rice is relatively complete, and the body is easy to digest and absorb.

The more people eat rice, the more refined it is, the less nutrients it eats, and the more it is eaten.

1 bowl of 100 grams (2 two) rice is converted into 116 calories.

The minerals in the coarse rice, the fiber supplement, and the B vitamins (especially vitamin B1) are higher than those in the polished rice. The change can be replaced, and it is more convenient to eat when losing weight.

  Corn is the seed of the graminea plant.

It is currently grown all over the country, and in some areas it is used as a staple food.

Corn is a health care product in coarse grains, and eating corn is beneficial to human health.

One fresh corn (160 grams, 74 grams of edible portion) was converted to 78 calories.

Because corn contains too many aunts, corn is prone to rancidity during storage.

Corn should be fresh and edible.

The cellulose in corn is high in content and has a stimulating peristalsis.

  Oats is the upstream buckwheat, commonly known as oil wheat, jade wheat, is a low-sugar, high-nutrient, high-energy food.

The oatmeal has been carefully processed to make it more convenient to eat and taste, and it has become a popular health food.

Standard (100g) oats free radicals 367 calories.

Oatmeal can effectively reduce plasma in the human body.

  Glutinous rice is a mature seed of plant mites, dried, removed from the outer shell, yellow-brown seed coat and impurities, and collected to obtain seed kernels.

Glutinous rice has the characteristics of easy digestion and absorption. Whether it is nourishing or used in medicine, the effect is very moderate.

Standard (100 grams) 357 calories in Huanren.

Due to its high nutritional value, glutinous rice is known as the “king of the world’s grasses” and the “health of life”.

At the same time, using the coix seed to cook a thick soup, add honey to eat is also the star’s favorite whitening to edema food.

  Macaroni, also known as pasta, is one of the most common noodles in foreign countries.

Generally, the starch rich in starch is extracted, crushed, gelatinized, flavored, extruded, and dried to produce a variety of noodles with good taste and unique flavor.

The standard (100 grams) is about 350 calories.

  Sweet potato, also known as sweet potato, sweet potato.

In addition to serving food, you can also make sugar and wine.

1 small sweet potato (130 grams, edible portion 117 grams) sweet potato is rich in sugar, cellulose and multivitamin nutrition, contains lysine, is richer than rice, white flour, and is also rich in richcarotene.
  The potato starch content is high, the taste is crispy or silty, and the dual-use vegetable, the scientific name potato, is called the world’s five major crops together with rice, wheat, corn and sorghum.

A small potato (130 grams, 122 grams of edible portion) is about 93 calories.

Potatoes contain a lot of starch and protein, B vitamins, vitamin C, etc., can promote the digestive function of the spleen and stomach.

  Soymilk is made by soaking soybeans, filtering them, and boiling them.

Soymilk is very nutritious and easy to digest and absorb.

1 cup of soy milk (250 g) traces 35 calories.

Compared to soy milk, the unsweetened soymilk blend is the best food for breakfast or alternative drinks when you lose weight.

Soymilk is rich in nutrients. Drinking soy milk can prevent Alzheimer’s disease, enhance disease resistance, prevent cancer and fight cancer.

  Calorie measurement of common exercise consumption: walking for an hour, about 200 calories, jogging for one hour, consumption of about 500 calories, climbing stairs, one hour, absorbing about 460 calories, swimming for an hour, consuming about 800 calories.

Two-step yoga shows off seductive electric buttocks

Two-step yoga shows off seductive electric buttocks

Look at yourself, glance at the cool summer clothes in the closet, and leave yourself with the “harsh” look.

Simple two-step yoga helps you show off the attractive electric buttocks in summer.

  The first quarter stands upright. Take a big step forward with your right leg, turn your left leg 45 degrees, lift your right leg, your right knee and your right toenails on a line, and your right thigh parallel to the ground.

Keep your body moderately tense and lifted, with your arms extended to your shoulders.

Stare at the tip of your right hand while breathing deeply.

Hold this position for a while, then change your leg and repeat several times.

  Targeted parts: Special shape for chest, thighs, calves, arms and head: Enhance the muscles of hips and buttocks, enhance flexibility and open body.

  Section 2A: Stand straight, take a big step forward with your left foot, press your left leg down, point your right foot forward, place your feet flat on the ground, and put your hands together on your chest.

Press your hips so that the left thigh and the ground are in a parallel line. Pay attention to balance and keep your posture for a while.

  B: Then, lean your body to the right, twist your waist, turn your face so that the back of your right upper arm rests on the left side, your left arm is tilted outwards, your palms must be tight, and your muscles must be tight.

Hold on for a while, then switch to right leg and repeat A, B to minimize shaking.

  Targeted areas: chest, thigh, calf, chest, lumbar muscles.

  Special shaping: Effectively enhance the balance ability, make the muscles on the big and small legs even, and tighten the hips.

Lycium barbara porridge recommended for diabetes


Lycium barbara porridge recommended for diabetes

Formula of wolfberry and lily porridge: 30 grams each of wolfberry, raw lily, and glutinous rice, and 5 jujubes (washed and sliced, pitted).

  Production: First soak the dried lily for 6 hours (do not soak the fresh ones), then put glutinous rice, wolfberry, red dates, cooked gently, divided into 2?
Three times a day (a daily amount), and even taking one month as a course of treatment.
  Function: It has the effects of strengthening the spleen and stomach, nourishing yin and moisturizing, and nourishing liver and kidney.

  Indications: Diabetic yin deficiency and heat, liver and kidney deficiency.

  [枸杞]  枸杞是名贵的药材和滋补品,中医很早就有“枸杞养生”的说法。”Compendium of Materia Medica” records: “medlar, kidney and essence, nourish the liver . eyesight, soothe the nerves, make people live long.

Chinese wolfberry is also a good medicine for righteousness, strengthening essence, nourishing yin and kidney, strengthening qi and soothe the nerves, strengthening the body, and delaying aging.

  [百合]  中医认为百合性微寒平,具有清火、润肺、安神的功效,其花、鳞状茎均可入药,是一种药食兼用的花卉。