Massage for insomnia

Massage for insomnia

From the point of view of Chinese medicine, people who often suffer from insomnia belong to a state of imbalance between yin and yang.

Acupoints can be used to clear the meridians and regulate yin and yang during head and face massage.

  The head and face massage method has the effects of refreshing the brain, calming and sleeping, reducing blood pressure and pain, treating dizziness, moisturizing and beauty.

Clinical headache, insomnia, inner ear vertigo.

  For head and face massage, you only need to sit and massage the following acupoints: 1. Tianmen open acupuncture method: two thumbs and fingers are pressed against Yintang acupoint, and the rest of your fingers are used to fix the two sides of the head.

The left thumb is first incident vertically from Yintang acupoint, and then pushed through Shenting acupoint to Shangxing acupoint, and then the thumbs are alternately pushed and rubbed at the same time as the lower left, upper right, upper left, and lower right.

The technique is from gentle to fast, from light to heavy, and the rubbing is repeated for about 1 minute. At this time, the rubbing locally generates a heat sensation and is concentrated on the eyebrow.

  2, Baihui acupoint press palm rub method: with the thumb of the right hand, click on Baihui acupoint, after the local sensation of heavy swelling, immediately switch to abdominal abdominal rubbing with thumb, so repeatedly for about 30 seconds, followed by the palm of your handWith Baihui Point as the axis, fully block and spin for about 30 seconds.

  3. Jade hammer tapping method: Use the fingertips as hammers, and carry out both hands at the same time, tapping the entire head from back to front, from left to right.

When hitting, the force is applied from the wrist, the throwing force is uniform, not too heavy, not too light, with a twisted oscillating feeling without feeling pain.

About 1 minute.

  4. Ten-finger combing method: refer to the comb, the fingertips are focused on the scalp, and both hands are carried out at the same time.

The main technique is kneading.

You will feel relaxed and comfortable on your head.

About 1 minute.
  5, rubbing rest method: use both palms to rub their heads, their faces, their jaws.

Gently massage, about 1 minute, and then end the entire massage session.

Eating hands is the need for baby’s psychological development

Eating hands is the need for baby’s psychological development

The old people said that the baby’s fingers have honey, which is really the case with my baby.

The little hand ate so hard that he took one hand down and stuffed it in the other, and it snorted, especially delicious.

  Why do babies love small hands?

This is a problem that puzzles many parents.

Let him eat, one is worried about unsanitary, and the other is worried about the baby’s future development of teeth.

But this habit of bringing happiness to the baby is really not easy to correct.

Do I need to give up my baby’s “finger lollipop”?

How to quit?

Let’s hear what the experts say.

  According to survey research, 19 of the babies aged 1 to 6 months.

2% of babies have the habit of eating hands; 10% of babies who are 3 years old still love to eat hands; and among 3 years and 6 months old, the proportion of keeping habit of eating hands has dropped to 7.


It seems that the habit of eating hands is really a common phenomenon among babies.

  Babies over 2 years of age should quit “finger lollipops” slowly. ● Changing hands can easily leave the baby with tooth sequelae. Babies under the age of two occasionally stomp their feet and suck small hands. Moms don’t have to worry too much.

Because the baby’s tooth development will not be affected at this time.

Baby at 5?
In June, there are imaginary teeth. There is no harm in eating small molars.

However, if a baby over the age of two has used eating hands as a habit, it may easily cause the baby’s fingers to peel, swell, or even become infected.

  At the same time, it will also cause the baby’s teeth to be unevenly distributed when teething, and poor tooth closure.

For example, if 3?
A 4-year-old baby eats his hands excessively, which may lead to tooth shape defects of permanent teeth and a higher proportion of tooth decay.

  In order for the baby to look good in the future, mothers should pay more attention to it and patiently correct the baby’s eating habits.

However, when the baby has certain trace elements or has certain diseases, he also likes to eat hands. For example, a baby lacking zinc likes to bite his fingernails.

If this happens, the mothers should take the baby to the hospital to see if appropriate, and ask the doctor to evaluate whether the baby’s nutrition is comprehensive.

  ● Hand-eating habits are not conducive to the development of the baby’s personality. If the baby is still tired of eating hands after two years of age and becomes more and more intense, mothers should pay attention to it. It is likely that the baby’s early induction education is not enough.

Mom and Dad should find the cause from themselves. Are they asking too much of the baby?

Too harsh on the baby or not enough time with the baby, causing the baby must be caring?

  Relevant investigations show that babies who are bound to love and be comforted by their souls are not easy enough to develop hand-eating habits. If they are not properly guided for a long time, it will affect the baby’s future personality development.

Therefore, parents should spend more time communicating with their babies, playing toys with them or chatting with them, telling stories, appropriately diverting their attention and giving them more love.

More cuddling, more contact and more massage can give your baby a sense of security, happiness and satisfaction, help your baby gradually build self-confidence and eliminate sensitive psychology.

  In addition, when the baby begins to grow teeth, the mother can also prepare molar biscuits or gums for the baby, so that there is something in the baby’s small mouth as a substitute for the small hand.

Mothers can also put on gloves for babies who also like to pinch their fingers at night, so that they can avoid biting their little hands.

  Editor’s summary: To help the baby quit the finger “lollipop”, the most needed is the love and patience of parents.

Because the baby also has rebellious psychology, forcibly preventing the baby’s eating habits may be counterproductive, but strengthen this behavior.

  While caring for the baby, the parents should let the baby understand that the small hand has more uses besides eating. Encourage the baby to explore the skills of the small hand, encourage him to touch, explore and know more new things.

  Babies under 2 years of age do n’t have to worry about eating hands. ● Eating hands is a signal for the baby ‘s intellectual development. It comes from the mother ‘s belly, and foreign objects have a strong appeal to the baby.

However, the baby’s brain development is not yet complete, and the brain’s positioning system is not yet mature.

Therefore, eating with your hand in your mouth is still an impossible task for babies in this period.
When the baby grows up, the finger function begins to differentiate, and the initial hand-eye coordination function also begins to appear.

After 3 months, the baby will begin to show hand movements, and he will often wave his arms and have fun with this big “toy”.
When the baby can really put it in his mouth, it means that the baby’s motor muscle group and muscle control ability have been coordinated and coordinated with each other.

This is a signal of the baby’s intellectual development, and parents are right to be proud of this move.

  ● Eating hands is the baby’s psychological development needs the baby to grow to 2?
At the age of 3 months, she is in the sensitive period of the mouth. Many babies in this period like to sleep with their mother’s nipples or biting their little hands.

Putting something in their mouth will feel more secure for them, and once sucking, licking and unsatisfactory needs will make him uneasy, and produce bad emotions such as irritability and depression.

  The famous psychologists Freud and Erikson believe that the baby’s eating activities also include the natural reflection of human sexual pleasure.

The sexual pleasure here is just an emotion similar to that of an adult. Eating hands can eliminate the baby’s uneasiness, irritability, tension, and has a calming effect.

Forcing your baby to stop eating hands will cause your baby to have rebellious or psychological shadows.

  According to foreign studies, if the baby’s behavior is compulsively restrained during this period, and the sensitive period of the mouth is not treated properly, when he grows up, he will be more likely to develop an attacking character.

Boys tend to be violent, and girls are becoming more gossiping and sarcastic.

  Editor’s summary: Babies before the age of two have eating behaviors. Moms and dads don’t need to worry about it. There is no need to stop it.

Eating hands is a normal stage of development and psychological needs during the baby’s growth.

Most of them are a kind of consistent behavior, and they don’t develop the habit of eating hands when they grow up.

What the parents need to do is to wash the baby’s hands often and keep the baby’s hands clean to prevent bacterial invasion causing the baby’s internal tract infection.

Not fooled: 3 points to distinguish cosmetics from cosmeceuticals


Not fooled: 3 points to distinguish cosmetics from cosmeceuticals

Maybe you have visited a cosmetics counter in a pharmacy, maybe you are a lover of cosmeceutical products, or you are just wanting to recommend your favorite cosmeceutical brand to your friends. However, some people in “cosmeceutical brand” have notToo much understanding of its concept, or obviously what is going on.

In the following, I will take you through a question and answer way to understand what a drug brand is!

  1What is cosmeceutical?

  ○ Cosmeceuticals are products recommended by dermatologists, and are neither medicines nor general cosmetics.

  ○ In general, the formula of cosmeceutical products is completely public and does not contain recognized allergens.

  ○ The active ingredients contained in cosmeceutical products have passed clinical tests in dermatology.

  ○ Cosmeceutical products must be produced in strict accordance with pharmaceutical standards, and product quality will be safer.

  2Cosmetics are cosmetics with medicinal ingredients?

  ○ First of all, cosmeceuticals do not refer to cosmetics containing medicinal ingredients, but to cosmetics produced in accordance with pharmaceutical standards.

  ○ Most cosmeceuticals choose to sell in major pharmacies or specialty drugstores.

  ○ Different cosmeceuts replace different ones according to their different positioning and characteristics.

For example, Yiquan, La Roche-Posay, Avene Vichy and other products with hot spring water as the core formula, while Ou Cuibi, Fu Lifang silk cover plant products.

  3How to distinguish cosmetics from cosmeceuticals?

  ○ Cosmetics are generally sold through supermarkets, shopping malls, and chain stores, while cosmeceuticals are mainly sold in pharmacies and specialty drugstores.

  ○ The formula ingredients of cosmetics are not fully disclosed, while the formula ingredients of cosmeceuticals are fully disclosed, which can be seen on the packaging.

  ○ Cosmeceuticals have clinical test basis, verified by dermatologist, more effective, professional and targeted.

  4 Is there a substitute for long-term use of cosmeceuticals?

  ○ Cosmeceuticals do not make skin dependent, because cosmeceuticals do not contain hormones that make skin dependent.

  ○ Cosmeceutical skin ointment for long-term and short-term treatment of skin diseases. Its active ingredients have passed clinical tests by doctors and are safe and gentle.

  ○ Long-term use of skin ointments to treat skin-making injuries. It can be used in place of cosmeceuticals and skin care products to reduce dependence on hormones.

  5 said that cosmeceuticals are safe. Why do they cause allergies?

  ○ Any product may cause allergies, which is determined by various factors such as the skin condition and sensitivity of each person.

  ○ Even if cosmeceuticals are safe, it is impossible to completely eliminate the feeling of individual products on individual products.

  ○ If your skin is very susceptible to allergies, care should be taken to avoid changing products with strong fragrance and alcohol.

  6Cosmetics can really penetrate the skin cells and improve the skin?

  ○ Yes.

Cosmeceuticals and skincare products contain a variety of effective ingredients, which can penetrate the inner layer of the skin and solve the corresponding skin problems.

  ○ Most common cosmetics only act on the surface of the skin, but cosmeceutical products can really improve skin cells or skin condition after acting on the skin.

  ○ The key is to choose the medicines and skin care products that are suitable for you according to your skin type and the skin problem you want to solve.

  7Can I use medicated makeup for sensitive skin?

  ○ Skincare is also suitable for sensitive skin, but it can avoid irritating ingredients such as A acid, fruit acid and salicylic acid.

  ○ Try to choose a product with a simple formula and many components, so that people with sensitive skin can get a certain allergy.

  ○ Cosmeceuticals greatly reduce the risk of allergies, so that sensitive skin can also experience a safe skin care experience.

  8Cosmetics with Chinese herbal medicines are not medicated?

  ○ Containing Chinese medicine ingredients does not necessarily mean that it is cosmeceutical.

  ○ Traditional Chinese medicine is the crystallization of the wisdom of the Chinese nation. Some ingredients are skin care recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation, and sometimes appear in medicinal makeup.

  ○ Judge whether the product is cosmeceutical, mainly based on whether it discloses the formula ingredients and whether it has passed clinical tests of dermatology

Aerobic exercise can burn 姨

Aerobic exercise can burn 姨


Combustion depends on aerobic exercise. When our heart beats faster and the oxygen intake is enough, the burning sputum is really effective.

  Aunt is also one of our sources of physical energy.

The problem is that we often add too much unfortunateness to our diet and not fully consume it, so they accumulate slowly on our waist, hips, thighs, and even the buttocks, until we find out that it is often”The scenery is all right”!

And to eliminate these extra parts, only to withstand aerobic exercise.


Aerobic exercise must be defined as “aerobic” aerobic exercise, which is more than 30 minutes, any exercise that can accelerate your heartbeat and absorb too much oxygen, such as: walking, cycling, sprinting, swimming, boating, or anyYour favorite activities can be aerobic.

  Aerobic exercise can help burn adults, restore metabolism, and let cells and muscles immerse in the joy of oxygen. But aerobic exercise is not just about loud and noisy musical rhythms, imaginary dance movements, and pulling clothes.


The essentials of sweating and burning abnormalities are: full oxygen inhalation, and let your heart beat faster than 30 minutes; as for sweating., that is personal physique.

  Some people are sweating when they are sitting. Some people may only have a few drops of sweat after the exercise, but they have nothing to do with the burning of misfortune.

  Therefore, it doesn’t matter how much sweat is flowing and burning.

However, if the physical condition is normal, the 30-minute heartbeat-accelerated exercise should be sweaty.


Golf is not aerobic exercise 5 .

Is golf sport a comprehensive combination of sports?

  Unless you are golfing a golf cart, you are walking on foot; golf is very careful, cautious, and has a plan; although that would disappoint many aunts, golf is not aerobic.

This kind of stop and go, test the thinking, precision movement, does not help the burning.


Muscle training is not aerobic exercise muscle strength training is not aerobic exercise, heavy?

  What depends on your purpose?

If you want to strengthen your heart and lung function, then it is weightlifting. What is the use of dumbbells?

  If you want to get more oxygen in all parts of the body, about 10 minutes of aerobic exercise, the effect will be better.

If you want to burn sputum by exercise to achieve the goal of slimming, then oxygen absorption is indispensable in addition to muscle strength.

How to face a person with two sides and three swords-

How to face a person with two sides and three swords?

The test begins: if someone treats you with two sides and three swords, you will: A, on the surface, greet the other person with a smile, actually be alert to the other person, treat each other with sincerity, and believe that you can touch each other C, open the door and see the truth,Do n’t save face D, keep a distance from the other side, and be cold and hot. Test result: A, you are a person who is good at psychological warfare.

In the face of such a thoughtful person, this way of responding to you shows that you are a strategic and rational person.

In fact, you are not like this person, you are likely to deal with this very mentality to other people, but you do not know it.

Therefore, you have to be careful with your relationships so as not to make others think you are a deliberate person and leave a bad impression.

  B, instead of being strong, your enemy-self consciousness is completely undefended.

However, it is clear that you are a person who is interested in managing relationships.

You treat others with sincerity, I believe that some people will report with sincerity, but you must be mentally prepared, because not everyone will have such a conscience.

You should be a good image in the eyes of people.

However, you must be careful not to be completely unguarded, to avoid being framed by the enemy and preventing you from turning over for a lifetime.

  C, your character is straightforward, and you can’t stand the cynicism and roundabout tactics of others.

Therefore, once you meet someone who likes to use tactics, even if there is no clear evidence, you will open the other person’s mask impulsively.

Your personality usually attracts people who also don’t like to use mind, so your relationship will obviously be divided into two groups.

One faction is friends with whom you are interested, and the other faction is enemies who like to use tactics.

  D, in a constant and changeable way, in addition to inferring that you are a clumsy person competing with the opponent, you can also trim you to be a person who is not good at actively mastering interpersonal relationships and actively solving problems.
Your only weapon is to stay calm. Regardless of how the other party attacks, you are convinced that as long as you don’t respond, the other party will not be entangled.

Therefore, your relationships are relatively closed. This is because you do not like complex relationships, so your enemies should not be many.

Women are more brave than men in love

Women are more brave than men in love

The number of sperm in love for men is very large and can be produced at any time, and women usually ovulate once a month, thereby giving men an innate advantage in breeding offspring. Survival and breeding offspring are the most basic needs of humans.Instinct, in order to maintain a new life and breed offspring, human beings will make every effort.

Due to the limited number of female eggs, in order to protect their offspring and the right to reproduce, they must be more courageous and dedicated than men. Women must have a dedicated love life and a fixed partner to reproduce their offspring better. MaybePeople haven’t caused this, but they are dominated by subconsciousness and instinct.

  There are some differences in the way men and women think.

Men judge things with rational thinking, while women tend to judge and handle things with emotions and intuition. People’s efforts and struggles in defending love and maintaining family stability are not necessarily rational.

On the contrary, sometimes, people will pay everything in order to maintain the stability of love, and even hurt their tension. This is actually an irrational behavior.

Men’s sanity makes them always weigh the pros and cons before deciding whether to really be worth it and whether they can get the most benefits. The process of consideration will take some time, and the result after consideration usually takes into account other factors instead of defending love.Regardless, this makes men look less brave and firm; while women make decisions, they are more dominated by emotions, and some people put emotional life and love, family interests first, and even treat these asThe full value of life and one’s survival, once the lover is not harmed, they dare to do anything, so that the women in love also look brave.

  Studies have found that love can repair childhood psychological scars.

In love, lovers inherit the role of parents to a certain extent. Some people will care for their lovers like child care, and give everything as selflessly as love children. Women in love actually have a motherly love for lovers.

When lovers are in crisis, women will protect their lovers like mothers protect their children, and they will turn a blind eye to the harm of their bodies. They feel that this is natural and they have it.

Belly Dance: Dance on Hair

Belly Dance: Dance on Hair

Belly dance (Khaligi), originated in Middle East countries such as Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Because dancers often dance their heads and hair constantly due to dance movements, belly dance is also known as “hair dance”””, Its style is very feminine.

Belly dance was once danced by women for other women.

  One of the oldest forms of belly dance in the world, called “Raks Sharqi”, is a solo dance with a prominent belly movement and a very oriental oriental flavor.

As a graceful body art, belly dance shapes the elegant, sexy, and feminine body dance language through the diversified rotation of the human pelvis, hips, head and arms, and the dazzling crotch movementsGive play to the feminine beauty of the female body.

  Belly dance is a whole-body exercise that allows your legs, abdomen, tibia, and complications to be fully exercised, thereby improving the flexibility and flexibility of the body.

The movement of the arms in belly dance is very important, it can express the elegance and ingenuity of the dancer.

  Arab belly dance is no longer popular in the Middle East from Turkey to Egypt. It is also very popular in the United States, Europe, Australia, and North African countries.

The center’s belly dance courses are mainly dance-oriented, supplemented by fitness, suitable for stage performances, entertainment and slimming.

Suitable for women.

The elderly have more vitamin C benefits

The elderly have more vitamin C benefits

Appropriate vitamin C supplementation is expected to benefit the elderly: delaying aging.

Human aging is associated with free radical damage.

Vitamin C has anti-free radical action, which can delay aging and reduce and remove age spots.

  Correct anemia.

Older people (especially women) often have anemia. When iron supplements are used to correct anemia, proper addition of vitamin C can promote iron absorption.

  It is a cold.

The elderly are mostly weak, the virus is easy to take advantage of the flu, and the vitamin C has anti-virus and is implanted into the cold.

  Reduce blood pressure and reduce fat.

Elderly people with arteriosclerosis, hyperlipidemia, and high blood pressure often supplement vitamin C, which can receive softening blood vessels, hardening of blood vessels, blood pressure reduction, and lowering blood lipids.

  Promotes calcium absorption.

For the elderly with osteoporosis, while taking calcium, taking vitamin C can promote calcium absorption.

  Alias constipation.

Constipation is a common disease in the elderly. Vitamin C supplementation can dissolve senile constipation.

  Older people should take scientific doses when taking vitamin C. Generally, 250 times a day.
500 mg is suitable.

In addition, vitamin C supplementation, it is best to take from the diet, should always eat fresh vegetables and vitamin C fruits.

  Playing with toys helps prevent Alzheimer’s disease. “Toys are not children’s patents. Old people playing with toys are also good for health, especially to prevent Alzheimer’s.

“This is a new point of view from the University of California, MD, Jay Leffey.

  He believes that when people reach old age, they have undergone great changes in their physiology, especially brain cells.

In general, there are 14 billion brain cells in adults, and the brain weighs about 1400 grams. In the 70-year-olds, the number of brain cells is only 60% of puberty, and the weight of the brain is also reduced by about 20%. Therefore, people will think when they reach old age.Observing, learning ability decline, personality changes and other phenomena of Alzheimer’s disease.

  Properly playing with toys, such as building blocks, spelling jigsaw puzzles, playing nine links, etc., helps the cerebral cortex to receive more information, but also activates emotions and promotes physical health.

  The elderly should maintain a smooth stool. Western medicine believes that the primary cause of disease and aging is poisoning caused by waste and toxins produced by digestion and metabolism of food in the stomach, keeping the stool unobstructed, allowing the body to discharge waste and toxins in a timely manner, reducing the chance of poisoning the body.
Clinical studies have shown that blood cholesterol, creatine harmful substances can be quickly reduced, blood becomes clean and smooth, which is conducive to rehabilitation and treatment of tumors, nephritis, hepatitis, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and other diseases.

  Old-aged, high blood pressure, high blood pressure patients, to make the stool smooth, do not take laxatives easily, it is best to develop regular meals in daily life, regular bowel movements, constipation can also improve symptoms, you can also do levator aniAbdomen exercise, several times a day, insist on extension, there will be benefits.

In the diet, commonly used honey 60 ml, sesame oil 30 ml, add some sugar and salt, boiled water, every morning and evening.

Also use black sesame seeds, 30 grams of walnut meat, smashed with honey, moderate amount and uniformity, boiled water, 1 time each morning and evening.

  The elderly can supplement zinc to prevent cancer. Everyone knows that T cells with rabbit-like function in the human body differentiate and develop in the thymus. When the human body produces a large amount, the T cells immediately attack, kill or even destroy it.

After the age of 40, the human thymus begins to shrink and the immune function gradually declines.

In the elderly, zinc deficiency causes thymus atrophy, and immune function is further reduced, causing cancer.

  Studies have shown that zinc can stimulate the thymus to increase fat, cause thymus hormone secretion, and increase T cells.

Recently, the medical profession in China has used medical zinc sulphate for 41 elderly people for one month. As a result, these indicators of all elderly immune function are enough to be significantly improved.

Studies have also shown that older people who eat more zinc-rich foods can improve their body function and cancer resistance.

Foods containing too much zinc include fish, lean meat, liver, seafood, soy products, and coarse grains.

Whether the treatment of qigong still needs to take medicine at the beginning of the exercise, can not reduce the amount of the original dose, because qigong can not be effective immediately at the initial training, but also need drugs to control the disease, reducing or stopping the drug will lead to the deterioration of the condition.

After a hundred days of practice, the effort will be improved. When the condition is improved, the medicine can be taken at a discretion, but some diseases should be treated by doctors and cannot be reduced.

In this way, gradually reduce the dose gradually until the last withdrawal, and then through the Qigong exercise for treatment.

Even if you get sick, don’t stop practicing, in order to consolidate benefits.

  From no reduction to reduction, and finally stop taking the medicine, the length of time is completely complete, whether the individual practice is effective, whether the maintenance is proper, and whether the reduction is appropriate.

How can an alcoholic person first aid?

How can an alcoholic person first aid?

Chinese people are used to talking about things at the dining table. As the saying goes, “No wine can’t make a business”. In this way, you will inevitably drink too much.

So what are the symptoms of alcoholism?

How to rescue?
  First, the first stage of symptoms of alcoholism: the period of excitement, which is characterized by eye congestion, flushing, dizziness, cheerfulness, increased speech, and reduced self-control; second stage: ataxia, manifested as uncoordinated movements,Gait is unstable and the body is out of balance; The third stage: lethargy, manifested by deep sleep, pale color, wet skin, lips purple, and even surrounded by deep coma, and even died of respiratory paralysis.

  Second, first aid for alcoholism 1, mild alcoholism patients First, we must stop him from drinking alcohol.

  First, find some hangovers such as pears and watermelons.

  Third, you can also stimulate the throat (such as using chopsticks) to induce vomiting reflexes, and to vomit the stomach contents such as wine as soon as possible (this method is not suitable for patients who have become drowsy), and then arrange for bed rest, Pay attention to keep warm, pay attention to avoid double airways of vomit.

  Fourth, observe the breathing and pulse conditions. If there is nothing special, you can recover on your own when you wake up.

If the patient is still in bed, his pulse is increased, his breathing is slowed, his skin is damp and cold, and his irritability should be immediately sent to the hospital for treatment.

  2. Severe acute alcoholism in patients with severe alcoholism, symptoms such as irritability, lethargy, dehydration, convulsions, shock, weak breathing, etc., should be rushed to the hospital for emergency treatment.

  Note: Coffee and strong tea should not be used for hangover.

Drink alcohol in moderation to avoid alcoholism.

In addition, patients with acute alcoholism can drink more tea to relieve.

  Third, there are some dangers of drinking. 1. Drinking directly hurts the liver, alcoholic liver, hepatitis, cirrhosis, and liver injury. After the injury of the liver, vision will inevitably decline, and the body’s ability to detoxify will also decline.

More than 90% of alcohol in the body is metabolized by the liver, and its metabolites and liver cell metabolism disorders caused by it are the main causes of alcoholic liver injury.

According to research, normal people drink 40-80 grams of alcohol every day, and alcoholic liver disease can occur in 10 years. If you drink 160 grams every day, liver cirrhosis can occur in 8-10 years!

  2. Drinking hurts the stomach, digestion is poor, physical fitness is poor, and it is easy to be infected with other diseases.

One excessive drinking will cause the symptoms of acute gastritis, and continuous large intake of alcohol will inevitably cause more severe chronic gastritis and gastric ulcers.

  3. Drinking alcohol can hurt the heart, spleen, scales, and easily cause hypertension, cardiovascular disease, stroke and pneumonia.

  4, drinking will hurt the kidneys, cause prostatitis and affect sexual function.

  5. Drinking alcohol hurts the nerves. People who drink alcohol often have a substitute for alcohol, and their tempers become irritable and disturbed.

Excessive alcohol can atrophy the cerebral cortex, causing brain dysfunction and consciousness.

And long-term excessive drinking leads to chronic alcoholism, which is characterized by personality changes, mental disorders, poor orientation, and memory loss.

  6. Drinking hurts your appearance. People who drink often have a dull and sloppy appearance, and their skin is also prone to aging.

  7. Because alcohol can harm the taste buds, one of the consequences of excessive drinking is to cause taste disorders. Studies have shown that the incidence of cancer of the throat and throat is higher than that of non-drinkers.

  8. The long-term onset of excessive alcohol can cause myocardial fibrosis, loss of elasticity, enlarged heart, increased plasma, and another case of myocarditis, and the prevalence of arteriosclerosis and coronary heart disease is higher than that of moderate drinkers.

The entire cardiovascular and cerebrovascular system is thus in a state of peril.

  9. Excessive drinking is one of the most common causes of necrosis of the femoral head. Osteonecrosis occurs in about 2% -5% of people who abuse alcohol.

  10. The isoprenyltrihydroxyflavone contained in wine can mimic the function of estrogen, affect the ability of sperm to move, and the production capacity is greatly reduced.

Even fertilized sperm injured by alcohol can conceive eggs, and they may give birth to abnormal freak or baby alcohol syndrome.

Such children are crying, have poor intelligence, and are easily addicted to alcohol when they grow up.

Seaweed ingredients skin care moisturizing anti-aging score _1

Seaweed ingredients skin care moisturizing anti-aging score

The skin of Japanese girls always looks fair and tender, and it can be broken. In fact, a large part of the reason is that Japanese skin care products like to add a Japanese characteristic-seaweed.

Generally, red algae, brown algae and trehalose are added, which have high moisturizing and anti-aging effects. You cannot miss these skin care products!

  The main types of trehalose: trehalose: trehalose is a natural sugar that exists in many desert plants and forms a glassy mixture when the plant dries, protecting its internal structure until rain comes, the plantMay be miraculously “dead” and resurrected.

It can maintain skin nutrition and moisture, avoid skin sunburn and melanin precipitation, and effectively resist skin aging; the mucus that precipitates from the film can gently moisturize the skin, making the skin bright, shiny, and tender.

  Scutella: For thousands of years, a kind of extremely strong seaweed has grown in the depths of the world’s oceans. This special kind of seaweed can continue to survive even under the most extreme pressure, temperature and ultraviolet radiation.And reproduction, and plays a key role in maintaining the balance of the surrounding environment: the skin draws new energy to protect its cell’s DNA from photoaging, fights wrinkles, compacts and repairs itself.

100% natural cinnamon bark extract, bio-peptides, soy extracts 1 and 2, corn and oat extracts-perfectly matched to fight aging and regenerate skin.

Skin is repaired and rebuilt.

  Haematococcus pluvialis: contains natural red pigment bodies.

It is famous for the persistent physical strength of the wild salmon accompanying Tongchuan.

It is said that its whitening effect is about 1,000 times that of Coenzyme Q10.

  Wakame: It is actually a marine algae that is available off the coast of Japan.

Antioxidant and natural sun protection.

Its active ingredients protect the ultimate and stability of the cell wall from damage due to various environmental factors such as UV radiation, temperature, etc.

One of its important functions is the inhibition of hyaluronidase activity.

This enzyme breaks down hyaluronic acid.

Since phytessence Wakame hinders the work of this enzyme, hyaluronic acid does not break down.

It even hydrates the skin, but it also combines moisture in the skin and controls tissue hydration.

It also helps reduce wrinkles and lines, enhances the health of the cells, and stabilizes the cell structure.

Also, at least stop premature skin aging.

  Kelp: Can provide proteoglycans and minerals, can repair damaged hair and restore strength.

  Predia whitening lotion seaweed: red algae main effect: whitening, moisturizing la prarie moisturizing emulsion