[Can you eat red dates for menstruation]_Recommended diet

[Can you eat red dates for menstruation]_Recommended diet

Jujube has the effect of nourishing qi and blood, and also has a good effect of nourishing blood and soothing, and has a certain effect of beauty and beauty. Proper eating of some red dates has a good conditioning and health care effect on the female body.Can I eat red dates?

Let’s take a look at this.

Don’t eat too much red dates during menstruation.

This is because jujube may prolong menstrual bleeding and cause excessive menstrual bleeding. Therefore, do not eat jujube during menstruation, and you can eat some foods with warming effect.

It is very beneficial to eat red dates before and after menstruation. Red dates can be said to be the sacred product of blood. Among many fruits and vegetables, the effects of red dates and blood are very good, and there is also a good Ningshen blood effect.Eating some red dates properly can prevent iron deficiency anemia during menstruation and improve immunity.

Try to eat fewer dates during your menstruation!

Especially for wet women, it is best not to eat red dates!

This is because for men and women with wet weight, body edema is prone to occur during menstruation, the red sugar content is relatively high, and then the edema symptoms are likely to worsen. In addition, for women with hot constitution, they are also the most during menstruation.Do not eat red dates, because red dates easily lead to faster blood circulation and more menstrual bleeding.

The above simply understands whether you can eat red dates for menstruation!

For the average woman, it is not a problem to eat a small amount of red dates, but you should not eat too much to avoid causing heavy menstrual bleeding. For women who are hot or prone to bloating, do not eat red dates during menstruation and avoidCauses bloating and excessive bleeding.