[Tea to improve sexual function]_How to drink tea_How to drink tea

[Tea to improve sexual function]_How to drink tea_How to drink tea

For male friends, they are very concerned about how to improve their sexual function.

In fact, if you want to improve your sexual function, then a lot of foods can do this, and there is no alternative.

For example, leek, pork loin, deer blood, etc.

So, do you know anything about tea that improves sexual function?

In fact, general tea does not have this function, tea is more about lowering blood lipids and lowering blood pressure.

Can reduce the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and death. According to research reports, Japanese researchers have conducted a follow-up survey of more than 40,000 middle-aged and elderly people aged 40 to 79 in some places since 1994 and found that people who drink less than 1 cup of tea a dayApproximately, men who drank more than 5 cups of green tea per day had a 22% decrease in the average risk of dying from cerebrovascular disease, and women had a 31% decrease. Among them, cerebral infarction decreased the most, 42% for men and 62% for women.

According to the British “Daily Mail” report, a new study found that drinking 3 cups of tea a day can reduce the risk of myocardial infarction by 70%.

Studies in Finland and France also show that drinking tea 2 a day?
3 cups can reduce the risk of stroke.

Researchers at the University of Hong Kong, which have a role in lowering cholesterol and blood pressure, found that drinking tea can reduce total blood cholesterol levels by 25%.

Another study examining the incidence of tea and hypertension found that people who did not drink tea had complications of hypertension.

55%, 6 people who drink tea regularly.

95%, tea does have a certain antihypertensive effect.

Researchers have helped to prevent the risk of developing diabetes.

Long-term follow-up observations of 70,000 men and women aged 40-65 found that those who drank more than 6 cups of green tea a day reduced their risk of diabetes by 33% compared with those who drank less than 1 cup a week.

There is also information that using cold boiled green tea to drink, the effect of oral diabetes is better.

Helps correct Alzheimer’s disease Tea has protective effects on brain cells. Tea can effectively delay brain degradation and help maintain healthy brain blood vessels.

Recent research shows that drinking more tea can improve memory and prevent Alzheimer’s disease.